Once upon a time,

everybody was able to freely share their ideas and interests on the internet.
There were many platforms about all topics and interests you could imagine.
Back then, the internet was really a diverse place with a vast variety of platforms.

- fictional headline in a report about the internet, 2030

Our platforms will stop existing!

To protest against the planned EU copyright directive,
we will simulate how the internet would look if the directive passes the European Parliament.

Many platforms, including the German Wikipedia,
will turn dark on March 21!

What's the problem?

With article 13 and other parts of the directive, small and medium-sized plattforms will be forced to implement uploadfilters or restrictiv measures.

For many platforms and boards, this is beyond their capabilities, and their survival is threatened.

Detailed information about the directive can be found on Julia Reda's blog

What can you do?

Be part of the #321EUOfflineDay!

How to implement #321EUOfflineDay on your website

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Other sites/more information

Participating platforms

If you want to be part of this list, contact us via blackout(at)margau.net